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1. Refund Policy

Before the 1st day of class

Within a week after

the 1st day of class

Within 10 days after

the 1st day of class

11 days after

the 1st day of class

refund 100% of tuition

(except Application fee)

refund 80% of tuition

refund 70% of tuition

not refundable


1) Reason for Refund


① When the outbreaks of serious illness neede medical care more than 2 weeks make you go

 homeland (You must submit the certificate of hospital or medical center)

② When you go to homeland because of the decease of your (grand)parent, sister or brother

 (You must submit the certificate)

③ Your marriage (You must submit the certificate)

④ Your enterance of University (You must submit the Letter of Admission)


2) Refund Procedure


① The occurrence of refunding Causes (Returning to your homeland or Enterance of Univ.)

 *It is impossible to refund in 10 days after the 1st day of class

② Writing our the Refund Application form

③ After you go homeland / After you are permitted entering into Univ.

④ Submitting the certificate of returning your homeland

⑤ Refund can be possible after you carry out the above-mentioned articles ①∼④


3) Not refunding cases


① It is impossible to refund at any cases in 10 days after the 1st day of class.

② It is impossible for the student who got the VISA(C-4, D-4) with the Letter of Admission to

 refund the tuition fee and to take temporary absence during a year.

③ It is impossible to refund at any cases after you already change or extend your VISA, even

 though the class is not opened.


 2. Classes and Attendance


1) Students can level up to the higher class when they attend 80% of total class hours.


2) Students whose percentage of attendance is less than 80% cannot prolong the VISA duration.


3) 3 tardies or leaving early is equivalent to 1 absence.


4) Students remaining in the same class and who are poor in class participation can be rejected

in registering for KLEC after the term is over.


 3. Regulations about level-up and scholarship


1) Regulations about level-up

 ▶Students who attend more than 80% of the class, achieve average grade(70) or higher in

Korean class can level-up to the higher class.


2) Regulation about scholarship students

 (Scholarships will be deducted from the following session's tuition)

 ▶Students who enroll 2 consecutive semesters of Korean class

 ▶Students who attended more than 90% of the classes or ranked within 5% among all students


 4. Certificate


1) A certificate of studentship, attendance and grade

 ▶It takes 1 day for KLEC to issue various certificate after it is applied to KLEC.


2) Student Card

 ▶Students should submit photo (3×4) within 5 days after the 1st day of class.

It takes 5 days to issue Student Identification Card after students submit their photos to KLEC


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