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Undergraduate School

Jukjeon Campus --------------------------------------

 College of Humanities
Educating Professionals to Lead the Revival of Humanism
In the Humanities, students explore Korean literature and history and a wide variety of foreign languages. In addition, students will gain knowledge of languages for professional training.
- Korean Language and Literature 
- History
- Chinese Language and Literature 
- Japanese Language and Literature
- English Language and Literature   
  College of Law
Realization of the Law and Social Justice
The College of Law cultivates morality, legal thinking, legal culture and good values to allow students to contribute to the development of society. Many facilities and scholarships to prepare for the bar exam are provided. The College of Law provides the basic knowledge to enter the legal field and cultivates legal and forensic professionals in all fields of society.
- Law  
  College of Social Science
Cultivating Social Professionals
The College of Social Science develops students with practical social science perspectives to understand the flow of knowledge. Students learn to become leading experts researching social problems and solutions. They lead society in adminstration, politics, diplomacy, urban planning, real estate, and media and journalism.
- Political Science and International Relations
- Public Administration  
- Real Estate Studies  
- Urban and Regional Planning
- Journalism and Advertising 
- Broadcasting and Multimedia
  College of Business and Economics
In a rapidly changing economic environment, professionals are educated to work toward sustainable corporate and national economic development. Through analysis of economic trends, the focus of this college is on understanding of domestic and international economic principles. Students develop the practical abilities required by companies to enhance their competitiveness.
- Economics 
- International Trade
- Business Administration 
- Accounting
- Management Information Systems  
  College of Natural Science
The College of Natural Sciences educates students to lead in the basic sciences of the 21st century. The students will be educated in the fields of solar-applied energy, new-material development, food processing industry, advanced molecular biology-related fields and information and statistics related fields.
- Chemistry 
- Food Science and Nutrition
- Molecular Biology 
- Applied Physics
- Statistics  
  College of Architecture
Training Professionals in Architecture by Combining the Power of International Standards with Humanity
The College of Architecture conducts 4 and 5-year courses in the Architectural Engineering Department that meet WTO criteria for international architectural experts. Through a one-on-one design education between professor and student in an environmentally-friendly and student-centered design and construction faculty, students become professional engineers in building structures, materials, construction and equipment.
- Architecture 
- Architectural Engineering
  College of Engineering
Developing Human Resources in Engineering to Meet the Demands of Industry
Utilizing open exchanges and an integrated engineering curriculum, we focus on cultivating professionals to meet the demands of industry. By implementing an undergraduate system to combine other studies in related fields, Dankook hopes to develop a wide range of subjects.
- Electronic Engineering  
- Polymer Science and Engineering 
- Fiber System Engineering
- Computer Science 
- Computer Engineering
- Civil and Environmental Engineering 
- Mechanical Engineering
- Chemical Engineering 
  College of Education
Nurturing True Mentors
The focus of the College of Education is on curricula and helping young people develop their personality and learning skills. Besides the capability to deliver knowledge, we emphasize the implementation of practical and serviceable activities to nurture responsible educators.
- Sino-Korean Education 
- Special Education
- Mathematics Education 
- Science Education
- Physical Education 
- Teaching Education
  College of Arts
The Birthplace of 21-century Leading Artists
The College of Arts cultivates professionals to lead arts and the entertainment industry in the 21st century. We provide a curriculum that combines major theory and practice, and we are equipped with all the necessary facilities. Faculty members are at the top of their fields in performing arts, design, ceramics, and dance.
- Theater 
- Film
- Musical 
- Ceramic Arts
- Visual Communication Design 
- Fashion Product Design
- Dance  
  College of Music
Cultivating Musicians to Achieve Harmony Between East and West
The College of Music fosters musicians to pursue beauty embracing both Western and Oriental music. We provide the curriculum to train professional musicians and educators. With fully equipped facilities, including a grand musical performance hall, a small hall, and practice facilities, students' abilities are cultivated though regular concerts and recitals. - - Instrumental Music 
- Vocal Music
- Music Composition 
- Korean Traditional Music
  School of Liberal Arts
Operating Educating Programs for Professionals with Skills and Personality
In order to develop experts with the personality and skills required in the 21st century, we operate Liberal Arts Education within the Faculty of Liberal Arts.
- College Faculty Members 

Cheonan Campus --------------------------------------

 College of Humanities
Cultivating Global Citizens
We are developing global experts with excellent foreign language skills based on an understanding of our culture and history. Personnel exchanges with world-renowned universities have allowed Dankook to nurture professionals with a global perspective.
- Korean Language and Literature 
- History
- Chinese 
- Japanese
- German 
- French
- Spanish 
- Russian
- English 
- Mongolian
- Middle East Studies  
  College of Law and Public Administration
Grooming of Legal, Administrative, and Work Force
Providing professional training for legal, administrative, and social welfare. Our professionals are trained through learning theory and considering legal, administrative, and social welfare case studies. The College of Law and Public Administration fosters professionals in the fields of law and administration. The Department of Social Welfare, opened in 2008, trains students to be professionals in social welfare and social services. With support programs for all state examinations, many alumni are working in judicial and public offices, as well as research institutes.
- Law 
- Public Administration 

  College of Economics and Commerce
Educating Entrepreneurs to Lead the Development of Korea
With the opening of the west coast highway and the rapid transit railway [K.T.X], together with the Ansan-Dangjin regional development, and the expansion of trade with China, the College of Economics and Commerce has been actively researching to lead the economy in the era of the West Coast Industry. With support based on an excellent faculty, competent and respected entrepreneurs have been produced for our society. 
-  Economics 
-  International Trade
-  Environmental Economics 
-  Business Administration
-  Accounting 
-  Management and Information Science
-  Business Administration (Evening)  
  College of Advanced Science
Focusing on Cutting-edge Science and Technology
Through activating basic scientific abilities, we are developing creative talent to advance the nation. Focusing on education which combines theory and practice, our strengths are in strategic science and technological areas such as mathematics, chemistry, physics, and life science. 
-  Applied Mathematics 
-  Electrophysics
-  Chemistry 
-  Life Science
-  Microbiology 
-  Nanobiomedical Science   
  College of Bio-Resources Science
Developing Core Technologies in Life-related Industries
The bio-related industries, population growth, and resource depletion are key issues of the 21st century. We have a faculty of educators with relevant ability and an advanced infrastructure to cultivate professionals in the fields of food production, bio-industry, genetic engineering, and eco-friendly production.
-   Food Science and Biotechnology 
-  Animal Resources Science
-  Environmental Horticulture 
-  Environmental Science and Landscape Architecture  
  College of Engineering
Focusing on Industry-Academic Cooperation to Lead the Digital Era
We educate students to become qualified engineers who will contribute to the development of national industry. The focus is entirely devoted to the education and training of promising engineers who will lead a new era of knowledge. Through constant investment in human resources, advanced engineering technologies have been developed. Well-educated leaders in the field of electronics and computer-related technology are being cultivated to prepare for the future digital era.
-   Civil and Environmental Engineering 
-   Materials Science and Engineering
-   Engineering and Chemical Technology 
-   Food Engineering
-   Industrial Engineering 
-   Computer Science
-   Multimedia Engineering 
-   Electronic Engineering
-   Energy Engineering  
  College of Arts
Developing Depth and Abilities for Students to Reach a Greater Future
A specialized education system which respects creativity and expands the larger wings of artistic creation. We focus on the cultivation of arts and culture by promoting artistic talent with an international perspective.
-   Visual Communication Design 
-   Craft Design
-   Oriental Painting 
-   Fine Arts
-   Literary Creative Writing 
-   Music
-   Sculpture 
-  Instrumental Music
  College of Sports Science
Excelling in the Field of Sports
The College of Sports Science is a center for sports science research, personnel training, and the training of sports leaders. Talented graduates are working in all fields of sports, including recreational sports for a fulfilling life, and giving the leadership necessary to improve the performance of the best athletes. This includes health / fitness, clinical exercise, sports management / marketing, and Taekwondo.
-   Recreational Sports 
-   Exercise Prescription
-   Sports Management 
-  Taekwondo
  College of Medicine
Cultivating Medical Practitioners to Put DKU's Ideals into Practice
The highest level of programs for a select few students are implemented under an elite faculty. The Institute of Medical Science has contributed to the development of life sciences with a well-equipped Medical Science Institute, a medical laser & medical device research center together with other research facilities. Students have the most advanced clinical education at Dankook University Hospital which is equipped with 800 patients' beds.
-   Pre-Medicine  Medicine
-   Nursing   
 College of Dentistry
Grooming Dentists Through Programs of Distinction and Promise Based on Knowledge Management and the Concept of Value ResearchSince opening, we are the only dental college to graduate over 1,730 dentists in the Chungcheong area. Students are equipped with the education needed in the field of dentistry and dental education. The finest and most modern instruments and research facilities are available in the labs, and students are easily able to practice clinical work. The program is based on a thorough clinical and practical education.
-  Pre-Dentistry 
-  Dentistry 

 College of Pharmacy
  School of Liberal Arts
Developing Programs for Training Students to be Skillful and Personable professionals
We have built the school of Liberal Arts to cultivate experts with the skills and abilities demanded in the 21st century.   

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